0 is the Magic Number 🖤

Our Black Friday deal has landed and we’re encouraging you to think a little differently this Christmas. At what cost? Absolutely nothing.

This Black Friday, we’re offering you the chance to join the Bike Club for £0. That’s right! You’ll be charged absolutely nothing at checkout.


You Won’t Pay until Christmas Day

You’ll only start paying for your new membership at Christmas: When the bike is being unwrapped by a very holly jolly little cyclist. Now if that’s not something to jingle those bells about, we don’t know what is. 🔔🦌🎶


A Remarkable Deal for a Remarkable Reason

It’s no secret that our on-going goal is to help more families get into sustainable, flexible and affordable cycling. With this at the forefront of what we do and the spirit of giving in the air, we have created the best offer that gives families a sustainable option this Black Friday. 

Being a company which promotes the sharing economy and cutting unnecessary waste, last year we decided to stand against Black Friday by putting our prices up and donating profits to charity.  

But this year we are taking a different approach: If you can't beat them, join them. So, we're offering the most brilliant Black Friday deal out thereby making it totally free for you to join the Bike Club. We’re giving you a sustainable alternative to all the discounted knick-knacks. 


Passion through the P's

With the manic buying of odds and ends on Black Friday, brings a manic increase in rubbish and waste. We're offering you a sustainable alternative this Christmas. We ask that you pull the plug on the E-tail deals, step outside and take a deep breath of fresh air. Come join the Bike Club and pedal for our Planet!

Here's a little heritage to make you feel Patriotic and proud. 🇬🇧 Our Frog bikes are built with love in Britain - Wales to be exact! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Through specialist research from Brunel University, Frog is able to create child-specific geometry for each and every Frog bike frame. With the low weight giving your child more control of their bike, Frog’s mission has been making cycling easier and safer for our children since 2013. 

It's no secret that Christmas is the peak time for expenditure each year. Bank of England suggests that a typical household in the UK spends over £2,000 each month, with an average increase of £500 in the run-up to Christmas. 😰 Our scheme allows you to Pay-monthly for bikes for all of your children. So, you can spend less time worrying about costs, and more time creating happy memories. 🥰


It’s More than just a Christmas Bike

But it’s not just about the Bike Club being the alternative to buying a bike for your children. It’s about the childhood-long membership you will have with us to create many, many happy memories for years to come. We invite you to join our growing community of like-minded families who share the desire to live a more sustainable lifestyle, just in time for Christmas. 🎄 


Get ahead as a family this Black Friday and join the Bike Club. It won’t cost you a thing. But it will connect you for a lifetime. ❤️