Protect their noggin' properly

When your child is wearing a helmet, it's important that it fits right. It can't be too small, too large or too loose. So many children use ill-fitting helmets that it's hard to know what great helmet placement looks like. 🏆

So we've made a helpful guide for buying and adjusting your child's helmet.

How to measure 📏

  • Use a centimetres cloth tape measure

  • Wrap above the eyebrows at the thickest point of their head

  • Make sure it is level, all the way around

  • Record this number and use it to place your order

We have two great helmets from Giro to choose from if you'd like to order a kids helmet.

How to fit 📐

This diagram should help you get the right fit for your child's helmet. We've also included a step by step walkthrough below.

correct helmet sizing

  • Place the helmet on their head and ensure it is snug. Use the extra pads or tighten the fit ring if it's loose

  • Check the front rim is only one or two finger-widths above their eyebrows.

  • Ask them if they can see the edge of their helmet when they look upwards

  • Adjust the side straps so only one finger can fit under them and so that the 'Y" of the strap is right below their ear

  • Have them shake their head, if anything moves tighten again

  • Have them open their mouth to yawn, if the helmet doesn't pull forward, tighten again

Remember, if they drop the helmet on a hard surface, have a crash or outgrow it. It's time to get a new helmet.