Ok time to talk about the environment, we usually talk about cycling, but it’s time to talk about what the Bike Club is doing to make it better 😀🌲🌳🌍🌥🌦☁️🌧 So basically as a society we consume an awful lot, and as the world grows it’s not going to be sustainable. Now it's only a small component (🙊🚲) of the economy, but with children’s bikes, they have a lot of value to a family (when it fits) and then no value (when they grow out of it). That’s why it makes sense not to own them, but to hire them. Then by hiring them they can be refurbished and passed onto the next family. It’s a happy cycle 🚲(excuse the pun!)

We need to learn to be more efficient and more innovative with how we consume. That’s why we think the sharing economy is the way forward - we need to move to a system where we maximise the utility we get out of what we consume.

That's why we offer our members high quality bikes which they can exchange as and when they need to. Yes, you can also buy this bike, buts that more to give our members comfort so that they don’t pay unlimited rentals.