This is a very exciting post for us to be writing. We've been planning the introduction of adult bikes for a while now, there's plenty of eager members awaiting their arrival!

We're eagerly awaiting the arrival of a very exciting new range which we'll be releasing after Christmas. Expect hybrids, cyclocross and more. 

In the meantime however, we're pleased to announce our first member to transition from a Bike Club Frog to an adult Bike Club cycle: an extremely lucky Isaac from Walthamstow. Isaac pedals to school every morning and has begun to love cycling, all thanks to the Bike Club (and of course his parents). We couldn't wait to get a new bike to him as he had quickly out-grown his much loved Frog.

As this was such a special occasion, we celebrated by taking a slightly funky approach to delivery. Meet PedalMe, a London-based app that couriers parcels via bicycle.

Unfortunately it meant none of our team got to see Isaacs excitable face when his new bike arrived, but we did get an unexpected phone call from a slightly bemused courier as Isaac had asked to speak to us to say thank you.

Thank you Isaac for being so endearing, thank you Isaacs mum bringing up such a polite young man and thank you PedalMe for being such an amazing courier.