Getting better every day

Ever heard the saying Rome wasn’t built in a day? Well, we freely admit that we haven’t built Rome yet.

The future looks exciting for the Bike Club. There’s lots that we’re working on improving, and this is all lead by our members and what you want to see. So, suggest something or vote on another members suggestion here:

What are we working on, right now, this moment?

Member Support

Our Live Chat has proven a hit, and having a phone line also is popular.

We’ve adjusted our days so we’re there for our members from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday. We’re also trialling some weekend hours here and there, and adding to these as the days get longer. ☀️

Saturday delivery

We realise it’s difficult to find a time during the week that works for delivery, so we’re introducing Saturday delivery.

We’ve been trialling it since January. We’ve hit some challenges along the way, but soon this will be an option for you at checkout, and the process will be seamless. 🤞

Quicker lead times

Equally, (Amazon Prime has a lot to answer for) in today’s world we’ve had to up our game when it comes to how quickly we can deliver.

Every bike is checked over by our mechanics before it goes out. This means we can’t quite do next day delivery, but we will soon be introducing 48 hour delivery. We’ve a few technical and operational difficulties to overcome before we can roll this out though. In the meantime, if you place an order, do feel free to drop us a message to see if we can get it to you quicker. The likelihood hood is that we can 😃🚚