We're growing with you

the Bike Club is far from a finished product and we're constantly improving to offer more for our members.


If you have any suggestions for how we can improve, products or services we could offer or features you'd like to see, please let us know here. You can also vote on any that others have suggested! 🗳

the Bike Club was started in 2016 (yes - we're less than four years old) by a couple passionate about cycling, the economy and minimising waste. We've since grown to over 25,000 members and this year we're be focussing on how we improve our product and service for all those mini-cyclists out there.

We'd love if you could let us know what you'd like to see 👆, drop us a review or even just drop us a message on Live Chat 😃
Summer is just around the corner, help us get more children on saddles in 2020 🚲🙌