We’re thrilled that Frog bikes have teamed up with A.S.O. (Amaury Sport Organisation) to release their very first Tour de France™ bikes in the iconic yellow and black colour combination! 🚲 💛 🖤

And the fact that we have a limited range of these special bikes to offer our Bike Club members makes us all the more excited. 🤩

Currently, the hybrid model is available in 52, 55 and 62, while the road model comes in 58, 67 and 70. Balance, first pedal and larger hybrid bikes are due later on this year…

With all the same advantages as the usual Frog kids bike range, these super-lightweight aluminium bicycles are incredibly child-friendly and are bound to be loved by their lucky owners! 😍

We share Frog and A.S.O.’s joint desire to “increase cycling participation in children, helping them develop lifelong skills and become the champions of tomorrow”. 🏆

And we also value these organisations’ admirable commitment to a sustainable future. 🍃 Being eco-friendly and encouraging as many people to use their bike as a mode of transport is now, of course, more important than ever. 🌎

If you're keen to exchange your bike for one in these striking colours, get in touch with our team on live chat as quickly as possible as they won't be around for long - go go go! Or, in this case, allez allez allez!