Phew! That was an unexpected morning, Donald Trump elected and never ending rain. No matter how big (the rain) or small (the Donald) a bike ride will always help. Don't worry, we're still offering pay monthly kids bikes exchanged as they grow. Because we've been up all night, we're offering free delivery - today only - discount code RAINTRUMP


We didn't really want to get political but James won't shut up about the election (we think he has been up since 3am...). If you have any questions about what we do or even the US Presidential election (I'm sure James would like to take them) feel free to get in touch:


Btw, the picture, that's the President Elect back when he set up the Tour De Trump in 1989, a race which wanted to compete with the Tour de France. It never got anywhere, a strange yet fascinating story.


(Apologies for filling your newsfeed with another political post.)