That was the feeling at BIke Club HQ last night. Alex and I have signed up to do the Pays D'Aix Half Ironman next May.

We love cycling and we want to get more people into cycling. But we also want to get more people being active. We even have an early press release which talks about "the Bike Club being the new front in the battle to get children off their games consoles". It's pretty cringe stuff, but we are kind of trying to do just that. We think being active and having a healthy balanced lifestyle is really important.

Obviously we're trying to make a business out of it. But we should try and remember why we want it to work out. So hopefully it'll be a good thing doing this half ironman. Also hopefully you'll forgive us for evangelising over how great getting outdoors is.

It's Alex's first, and before you ask, it was her idea...