After months of home-schooling and lock-down blues, it’s the perfect time to lock in a parenting win by pre-ordering one of our bikes. It’ll give you (and them) something to look forward to - from the look on your child’s face when they get it, watching them take their first tentative pedals on their own, to fun family days out as you get back out into the real world of muddy tracks, leafy forests and nature trails.

Right now, everyone wants a bike. That’s great. But, what isn’t so great is that the supply chain has been severely disrupted by Covid-19.  At the moment, we don’t know when that will change, but we do know that it will.

At the Bike Club, we’ve decided to do something positive about the situation. We’ve secured as much stock as we possibly can of high quality kids’ bikes, such as Forme, Frog and Squish. So that when they start arriving in the UK, they’ll arrive here first.

Pre-order the right bike for your parenting win!