Here at the Bike Club, we're on a mission to be as eco-friendly as possible. 🍃🌎🌿

That’s exactly why we have developed our reCycle scheme to ensure that your outgrown bike doesn’t go to waste, but is instead put back into the great outdoors and given a whole new lease of life as a reBike. ♻️

Do you have a Frog or Isla bike taking up space indoors? If so, reCycle it with us and we will buy it from you, refurbish it and pass it on to its next owner to be enjoyed!

Why reCycle?


There are an estimated 7 million unused bikes in the UK. We can stop yours from joining the staggering amount that go to landfill by taking them off your hands, freshening them up and sending them to a new home.

Passing your pre-loved bike on to a younger cyclist will not only bring happiness to the next generation of children - it will also allow them to feel more independent, grown-up and adventurous.

Plus - it's easy!

All you have to do is:

  1. Fill in our simple online form to get an estimated value based on your bike’s condition. 📝
  2. Make sure it's clean, in working order and has its original parts still attached. 🧼
  3. That's it - we'll do the rest! 🙌

Then, we will:

  1. Come and collect the bike from your home in Great Britain. 🏡
  2. Take it to the warehouse where our mechanics will check it carefully and assess its final valuation. 🔧
  3. Spruce it up, replace any broken parts, and add it to our fleet of reBikes for members of the Bike Club, if you accept the offer. ✨ 👪

So, if you have an Isla or Frog bike gathering dust in your garage - what are you waiting for?

Rather than letting it sit there, please send it to us to pass on to a new family! 🚲 💚