Lewis, Senior Mechanic

Interview with our Senior Mechanic

We're sure you're curious about the people behind the bikes. So, we sat down with Lewis for a quick chat about his favourite bike, great...

Electric Blue Frog Bike Logo

New Electric Blue Frog Bikes

Frog bikes are launching a new colour for their range, Electric Blue!⚡ And you can be the first to know. Just sign up for notifications.

learning to ride a bike

Best bikes for learners

We only stock bikes made specifically for children. They're not scaled-down, tiny versions of adult bikes. And that might not sound like...

parent helping child with kids cycling helmet

New in stock: Helmets

We've got fabulous new headwear in stock from one of the top cycling helmet brands, Giro! We've got two styles, in several colours. 🌈 Pe...

Thinking about green living

Thinking about green living

Spring is a time when the world goes green, literally! Flowers bloom and winter is shaken off. And it always makes us think about going ...

choosing cycling clothing for spring

Pick cycling clothing for Spring

While you don't have to buy specific clothes for cycling, it can be a fun way for children to participate in cycling culture. Having the...

how to wash your bike

Washing your bike & helmet

There are a lot of reasons to clean your bike & helmet. A clean bike performs better and will last longer. A clean helmet smells nice...

image of bees as a metaphor for working together during COVID-19

Why we're all bees

We could all use an uplifting read right about now. That's why we've written you a story about bees. It's the kind of tale we need right ...

image of muffins with article on kids muffin recipe from the bike club

Blueberry and Fig Adventure Muffins

These low-sugar, fruity and hearty muffins are great for breakfast or for an easy-to-pack snack on the go.

image of thirsty child drinking water from reusable water bottle after bike ride

Choosing the right water bottle for your adventures

We know being a parent means always being prepared, and our bags will have all kinds of snacks, spare nappies, random toys and that leaf ...

Bike Club founder Alex

International Women’s Day

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is #EachForEqual. An equal world is an enabled world.  Here at the Bike Club, we wan...

Mike Balfour - Chairman of the Bike Club

Who on earth is Mike Balfour?

We wanted to talk a bit more about Mike and the transformative effect he's had on us as a business and as a management team. Mike is our ...

the bike club investor rewards are better than equity

Investor rewards: not just equity

One of the reasons we decided to launch a crowdfunding round was to give our members the opportunity to own part of the Bike Club. We tru...

the bike club founders alex and james

Who are the Bike Club?

Introducing our founders and lead investor: Started in 2016 by a couple passionate about cycling, the economy and minimising waste the Bi...

what does the bike club offer

What is the Bike Club?

the Bike Club offer subscription kids bikes. Families can pay monthly (starting at £5), ride their bike and exchange when their child gro...