The first bikes have arrived! All very exciting, the Allen keys are out and we're busy getting our hands dirty.

This is our first post, so whilst others do the work I'm going to take the time to tell you about who we are. 👋 Hi! We're the Bike Club, a start up based in south west London who want to get more children cycling. Children like cycling, but they also like growing, so that means parents end up having to buy lots of bikes. Inevitably they buy bikes that are too big or too heavy and then the child stops cycling and starts playing too many computer games (I love a bit of halo as much as the next person, but there is a limit...)

We want to change that, so we're selling pay monthly kids bikes where you exchange when your child grows out of the bike. Prices run from £5 to £15 per month, no hassle, you just need to sign up and we'll deliver the bike to your door assembled. Then about 12 - 18 months later we'll get in touch and see if you're ready for a bigger one.

It's all explained a lot better on the website, take a look around.