how to wash your bike

Washing your bike & helmet

There are a lot of reasons to clean your bike & helmet. A clean bike performs better and will last longer. A clean helmet smells nice...

forme kids bikes ridden on a track

Introducing Forme Bikes

We're so pleased to stock the new range of Forme kids bikes. Forme is a British cycling brand with a hefty catalogue of sleek bikes. Thei...

We have reserved our adult bikes for NHS key workers

Adult bikes for our keyworkers

UPDATE: Applications are now closed. Thank you to all those who shared, applied and sent good wishes. We had reserved all our all adult ...

image of bees as a metaphor for working together during COVID-19

Why we're all bees

We could all use an uplifting read right about now. That's why we've written you a story about bees. It's the kind of tale we need right ...

Family getting outdoors on bikes despite covid-19

COVID-19: Our response and precautions

We've taken a number of measures in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. From remote working to social distancing, the internal tBC team an...

image of good better best, metaphor of the bike club is getting better every day

Let us know...

We're getting better every day with improvements to our service levels on kids bike subscriptions. But we're always looking for the next ...

image of muffins with article on kids muffin recipe from the bike club

Blueberry and Fig Adventure Muffins

These low-sugar, fruity and hearty muffins are great for breakfast or for an easy-to-pack snack on the go.

image of thirsty child drinking water from reusable water bottle after bike ride

Choosing the right water bottle for your adventures

We know being a parent means always being prepared, and our bags will have all kinds of snacks, spare nappies, random toys and that leaf ...

Bike Club founder Alex

International Women’s Day

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is #EachForEqual. An equal world is an enabled world.  Here at the Bike Club, we wan...

mom helps son ride subscription kids bikes

Getting Them Going: Balance and Pedal

Every little journey matters. Here's some tips on getting your child going on their balance or pedal bike 🚴‍♂️

how to put the pedals on a bike club bike

Putting on the pedals

Quick guide on how to put on pedals 👌

Mike Balfour - Chairman of the Bike Club

Who on earth is Mike Balfour?

We wanted to talk a bit more about Mike and the transformative effect he's had on us as a business and as a management team. Mike is our ...

image of bullseye the bike club has reached its funding target

We’ve hit our target – what’s next?

We’re delighted to have hit our raise target of £500,000! Thank you to everyone who has invested so far. Thank you for supporting our mi...

blocks with the word fund on as metaphor for the bike club institutional funding

Important Update: Institutional funding - £8m

We're close to securing institutional funding. Very exciting news from our side, we are close to agreeing £8m in funding from an institu...

sprouts on coins as metaphor for the bike club growth

Let us know what you'd like to see 👀

We're growing with you. We're far from a finished product and we're constantly improving to offer more for our members. WHAT WOULD YOU L...