reCycle your bike


Why have we created our reCycle Scheme?
We are proud to have created a zero hassle solution for anyone looking to unload an unwanted kids bike. Staggeringly, there are an estimated 12.5 million of them gathering dust in people's sheds and garages in the UK alone. As a long term proponent of the ‘circular economy', we are on a mission to buy and refurbish any premium lightweight models, and then send them out to new families who can love and cherish the memories they make.

How does it work?
Our reCycle scheme gives you the ability to sell your unused kids bike, get it picked up for free from your doorstep and make some money. This means it’s great for both your pocket and the environment. Our expert mechanics put it through a comprehensive safety check, change any worn out parts and then give it a new lease of life with one of our members.


Why do we conduct a soft credit check? 
We are trying to be as responsible as possible and ensure the bikes we receive are not stolen. We will always do our best to deter fraud.


How much will I get for my bike?
Fill in the form, and you will get an instant quote if your bike is already on our database. If not, one of our helpful reCycle team will be in touch via email to confirm next steps.

How will I send you my bike?  
Our delivery partner will collect the bike from your home on a weekday that is convenient for you. Please note, there is no need to box it up. Collection can be made from almost any address in the UK.

Will I need to prepare the bike for collection?  
All you need to do is give it a quick clean and ensure it has all the original parts attached.

When will payment be made? 
Payment will be made the same day as inspection.