reCycle your bike

About the service

Why do you want to buy my old kids’ bike? There are an estimated 7 million unused bikes in the UK. Sending them to landfill would be a waste. We are able to refurbish them and send them to a new home.

How much will I get for my bike? Use the form above to get an estimate. If you do decide to send us your bike, we may reduce the valuation based on the condition it's in. Please note we only accept kids’ bikes from Frog and Islabikes for now.

What will you do with my bike? We will carefully check it, clean it and replace any broken parts. We will then add it to our fleet of reBikes and offer it to members of the Bike Club.

Who are the Bike Club? We are the UK's largest bike-sharing service, with thousands of members across the country. Our members pay monthly for their kids’ bikes, and exchange to a bigger size when they grow out of them. The old bikes are refurbished and sent to a new home.

How will I send you my bike?  We will use our delivery partners to collect the bike from your home on a weekday you choose. Collection can be made at almost any address in Great Britain.

Will I need to prepare the bike for collection?  Just make sure it's clean and has its original parts still attached and place inside the box.

When will payment be made? Payment will be made by Paypal 6 weeks after we receive the bike back at our warehouse. This is to allow time for our mechanics to make their checks.